Undy Sunday

SVDP Undy Sunday Underwear Drive at Prince of Peace Church was held, Sunday, February 15-16, 2020

Results: 286 pairs of sweat socks, 175 pairs of under pants, 2 bras, 38 undershirts,40 miscellaneous items; $205 in cash which meant 600 more pairs of sweat socks. THANKS TO ALL OUR GENEROUS DONORS!!!




Children and adults will be able to stay warm this winter thanks to a clothing drive called “Undy Sunday” to collect new underwear and sweat socks in the original packaging.

The drive runs February 15-16 and is sponsored by the SVDP at Prince of Peace Church.

Donations can include underwear for men, women and children. T-shirts, sweat socks of all sizes are also welcome.

Clothing must be in the original packaging at the time of purchase. Used garments are not acceptable.

The SVDP at Prince of Peace wants to help make sure no child or adult in Barberton lacks this basic clothing needed to keep warm in winter. Spiritual well-being cannot take place unless there is physical well-being. Help warm the body and the soul. Many people take underwear for granted. Many low income families living on poverty level incomes do not spend money on underwear and they desperately need it.

Garments may be dropped off at Prince of Peace Church, 1263 Shannon Ave. Barberton February 15-16, 2020.

The clothing will be distributed by Common Threads Closet at Lakeview Methodist Church 330-634-6749 to families and the homeless in Barberton.