Please keep the following people in prayer:

All people affected by the COVID-19 Virus

Recent Deceased: Frank Krajcovic; John Jemson (Father of Renee Reynolds); Margaret Dorffer (Mother of Kathy Macko); Francis Dujanovic; Diane Arnold; Tony Jurkiewicz (brother of Richard);

Good Health:  Richard Cook; Betty Bozsik; Joe Pasternak; Dolores Young; Mike Noe; Patricia Lantz; Jim  O’Neill; David Knopp; Winnie Bonnell;  Jean Linn (mother of Melissa Ralston); Carol Birkbeck; Dolly Meden; Marilyn Gonsiewski;  Larry Montini; Joanne Caperones; Annette Downs; Chuck Heffernan;  Rich Symanski; Andy Miklos; 

Please remember all the people named in the Book of Intentions in the Church vestibule plus those undergoing any medical procedures/therapy this week from our parish community.



Prayer is powerful: Prince of Peace Prayer Line

Prince of Peace Prayer Email Chain

If you are interested in joining, please contact Sherri Shaffer, [email protected]

All you need to do is share your name and email address


A prayer request is shared with Sherri at [email protected]

She will email the entire Prayer Group which currently consists of 25 parishioners.


Sherri Shaffer