Knights of Columbus 14111 Cash Club

What: Our Knights of Columbus council is sponsoring a Cash Club drawing. Tickets will be good for monthly drawings for an entire year starting in July. Each month, a ticket will be drawn and $100 will be awarded to the winning ticket holder. The winner’s ticket will then be put back into the drum for the following monthly drawing. A maximum of 250 tickets will be sold. Tickets are now on sale for $20 each.

When: Tickets will be sold before and after Mass for the rest of May and all of June. The first drawing will be held in July. If any tickets are remaining, you will be able to purchase them from any Knight until all tickets are sold. If you wait too long to buy, however, you will miss the opportunity to select your own “special number” and will not be entered in the early drawings. Once you have secured a “special number” ticket, it will be renewable for the next drawing year if you choose to do so.

Number of Drawings: There will be a minimum of 12 drawings(one per month), with possible additions based on the number of tickets sold. Winners will be notified by email or telephone at the address or number provided on the ticket stub. Winners will also be published in the church bulletin and on the parish website.

Why: The Knights of Columbus 14111 is raising money for charity and council operations. The Knights raise money to donate to “Measure Up” for the developmentally disabled, the Akron VA Clinic, Coats for Kids, the Fest, matching funds for Catholic education, the Military Chaplain’s fund, Pennies for Heaven(support for Seminarians), and the SVDP Walk for the Poor.

CLICK HERE for Cash Club Rules