Please keep the following people in prayer:


All people affected by the COVID-19 Virus

Recent Deceased: Father Rob Stein; Natalie Doell; Joe Sukie; Lucille Dietary (mother of Russell Dietary); Joan Kaplinski; Jane Skraba; Larry Lovas; Bruce Wertz (ALS, he was the brother of Bo Cranston); Margaret Kezman; Mario Zadra; Marilyn Simmons (sister of Frances Ladd Davis); Martin Underation; Father Art Bacher; Mary Zinkovich; Mark Reed (Father of Matt Reed); Jean Linn (Mother of Melissa Ralston); Mary Ondrik; James Cavanaugh (father of Karen Whyte-organist); Father Bill Karg; Mrs. Jean Ali (mother of Jeff Stewart);Tilden Steiner (father of John Steiner); Ed Hanic;

Good Health:  Rose Berube; Mary Ann Haller; Kathy Wynn; Eric Beers (son of Charmaine Reese); Dorothy Novak; Father Rob Stein; Joe Rinaldo; Rich Symanski; Patty Baliga; Mary Zupic; Judy Cummings (sister of Donna Fick); Carol Steiner; Bella Schoonover (15 and recovering from surgery); Richard Reese;  Dolly Meden;  Evelyn Sickler; Cathy Herold; Father Lou Thomas; Abbey Nagel; Winifred Leonhard; Matt Haller; Carol Birkbeck; Tim Riehl; Drew Porter; Stefan Jursik; Kathy Stull (daughter of Laureen Krizovski);  Mary Sklarek; Maria Campbell;  Bill McKinnon; Shirley Flickinger; Mary Puppo; Annette Downs—cousin and niece; Larry Stalkup Family;  Lynn Bardar; Maria Curk; Dolores Witkowski(mother of Geri Sexton); Carol Macko; Pat Hurbean;  Dave Iglehart (cousin of Pat Baliga); Ron Mollric; Charles Zamiska; Mary Morales;  Richard Cook; Dolores Young; Mike Noe; David Knopp; Winnie Bonnell;   Marilyn Gonsiewski;  Larry Montini; Joanne Caperones; Annette Downs;  Andy Miklos;

Please remember all the people named in the Book of Intentions in the Church vestibule plus those undergoing any medical procedures/therapy this week from our parish community.



Prayer is powerful: Prince of Peace Prayer Line

Prince of Peace Prayer Email Chain

If you are interested in joining, please contact Sherri Shaffer, [email protected]

All you need to do is share your name and email address


A prayer request is shared with Sherri at [email protected]

She will email the entire Prayer Group which currently consists of 25 parishioners.


Sherri Shaffer