Please keep the following people in prayer:

*Please keep Lynnette Blizzard and her family in your prayers.  You can receive updates of her journey and send her prayers and well wishes by visiting her page on the Caringbridge website.

*All those affected by COVID-19

Recent DeceasedIsabelle (Dolly) Gordon,  Dennis Banfield (brother of Donna Sponsler), Joseph Rinaldo, Eddie Harm (son of Carol Harm), James Scaglione, Mike Wilson, Sylvia Palcic; Mary Ann John; Ken Sklarek; Dorothy Novak; Eleanor Stetz; Neil Lossing;

Good Health:  Lynnette Blizzard, Carol Sue Porter, Donna Sponsler, John & Cheryl Farrell, Richard Reese, Debbie Sunderland, Mrs. Robert Jackson (Hip surgery—Father Bob’s mom); Bill Forshey; Bonnie Taylor; Dan Kirven; Holly (niece of Father Bob);  Dolly Meden; Jim Herold; Marie Kraus; Dolly Trenta;  Charles Zamiska;  Richard Reese;  Mary Ann Haller; Kathy Wynn; Eric Beers (son of Charmaine Reese); Joe Rinaldo; Rich Symanski; Patty Baliga; Mary Zupic; Judy Cummings (sister of Donna Fick); Carol Steiner; Bella Schoonover (15 and recovering from surgery);   Evelyn Sickler; Cathy Herold; Father Lou Thomas; Abbey Nagel; Winifred Leonhard; Matt Haller; Carol Birkbeck; Tim Riehl; Drew Porter; Stefan Jursik; Kathy Stull (daughter of Laureen Krizovski);  Mary Sklarek; Maria Campbell;  Bill McKinnon; Shirley Flickinger; Mary Puppo; Annette Downs—cousin and niece; Larry Stalkup Family;  Lynn Bardar; Maria Curk; Dolores Witkowski(mother of Geri Sexton); Carol Macko; Pat Hurbean;  Dave Iglehart (cousin of Pat Baliga); Mary Morales;  Richard Cook; Dolores Young; Mike Noe; David Knopp; Winnie Bonnell;   Marilyn Gonsiewski;  Larry Montini; Joanne Caperones; Annette Downs;  Andy Miklos;

Please remember all the people named in the Book of Intentions in the Church vestibule plus those undergoing any medical procedures/therapy this week from our parish community.


Prayer is powerful: Prince of Peace Prayer Line

Prince of Peace Prayer Email Chain

If you are interested in joining, please contact Sherri Shaffer, [email protected]

All you need to do is share your name and email address


A prayer request is shared with Sherri at [email protected]

She will email the entire Prayer Group which currently consists of 25 parishioners.


Sherri Shaffer