Vigil Mass celebrated by Father Bob for April 11, 2021

Saturday 4:00pm pm Mass available for viewing April 10, 2021. Click on this link:

Link NOW Available OR search YouTube for “William Forshey” for past Masses

Important Notice

April 15, 2021: Just to let you all know that our original plans to go “live” on this Sunday will not happen. We have a lot of feedback from a radio station, 640- WHLO that is overpowering our broadcast. It is a talk radio station and when there is a quiet time during the mass, their station can be heard loud and clear and with not to pleasant of conversation. We have tried to put radio  suppression on our system but didn’t work. Fr. and Jenny will work on getting the problem looked at.

So for at least the next 2 weeks we will go back to Saturday 4pm  recording and uploading to youtube as before.
Just to keep you  all informed. Will keep you posted.
DISREGARD: Starting Sunday April 18th we will be live streaming the **8am** mass. The live stream will be on at 7:50am showing the altar. This 10 minutes will give you time to join the live stream and use it as quiet reflection before Mass starts. To view the live stream all you do is google search:  youtube william forshey.
Then you will see the live feed from “Prince of Peace in Norton, Ohio”. Just click on that link and join us in the celebration of the mass.
The mass will be stored on youtube so you can watch anytime during the week. Just use the same way to locate as you would for live and click on the date.